Producer Guy McAffer (aka Geezer):
Guy McAffer (aka Geezer) has been writing and producing his own brand of Acid Techno for the past 5 years, and alongside Chris Liberator, Lawrie Immersion and D.A.V.E. the Drummer , has been instrumental in the birth and development of the underground acid Techno sound that is unique to London. Geezer singles have appeared on labels as diverse as Stay Up Forever, Tortured, Smitten, Eukatech, Routemaster, Intensiv, Cluster, Infected, Boscaland and Bionic Orange. These releases include many a classic track, including titles such as "Mad Cows On Acid," "Sonic Eruptor," "Sonar" and "It's Funky But It Ain't House." He can also be found rocking the custard at London's most popular clubs including Trancentral and Escape From Samsara, as well as regular nationwide guest appearances at Atomic Jam, Havok, Samovar and Homegrown, not to mention more and more frequent visits to America, and of course all the free parties here, there and everywhere.


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RAW 001 Ant Wilson and Guy McAffer (12")
RAW 002 Ant Wilson and Guy McAffer (12")
RAW 003 Guy McAffer and Tom
(aka Shanks of the Armitage) (12") A - B
RAW 004 Guy McAffer and D. Preece (12")
RAW 005 Guy McAffer and M. Guilford (12") A - B
RAW 006 Guy McAffer
RAW 007 Guy McAffer and Ross Wightman (12")
RAW 008 Guy McAffer and Carl Hendrickse (12"
RAW 009 Guy McAffer (12")