"Audio Music Underground" (AMU Recordings) productions started in 1993 by Dj Luna-6 and DJ Kookane while producing a radio mix show on 96.7 FM call “THE DEEP RHYTHM” later change to “RAVE RADIO”. Producing and recordings several mix compilations like “Hard Core Overdose, Two Hours On Jupiter, Bug Out, and Hard Core Addict.” Dj Kookane begin his journey as a up in coming underground dj, going from backyard parties to clubs and later into the so cal“RAVES”. In 1993, two other dj’s got into the AMU family, DanEfex & Dj Tron both from Chicago. Dj Tron a very well established hardcore & gabber producer (porno freak… crazy bastard) ready to kick ass in LA. Also release a couple of productions with Kookane “Hell Levels, Intensive Futuristic's and others… and DanEfex a famous white sissy boy with super mixing skills of a real underground master and later signed with TIME UNLIMITED (Germany). We never got to do anything, Mother FFF!!!. Wasted my f)@#%&**ink time. Anyway's, a new production management launched in 1995 called “Live Underground Productions” based in Los Angeles, CA. and headed by Kookane introducing new artist to the LA underground scene such as “Medicine Show (Live P. A.), Lawrie Immersions (Pounding grooves UK) Nickie Finger (RIP) New York , Rob Devz (TM , Trust Rec’s) New York, and many others.
AMU Recordings continuous now days with a new era of underground sounds that we call “Acid Techno”. Look out for new releases on AMU Recordings from AnonimosDjs,Dj Reversive,Guerrillero and more tru out 2015 & 2016.


Definition Of Acid Techno according to DJ Kookane: "Acid Techno is a complete construction of sounds, delivering underground inspirations from England, Germany, Italy, Denmark, and beyond. Hard synths, floor-pounding percussion and melodic overtures make this music so real you'd almost think you were standing in the middle of a rave. Acid Techno includes a content of 303, 909 and 808 sounds , hard hats and combinations of sounds mixed together. This is my way of describing Acid Techno."